Pride Certificates: Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Mark Manley

Guest Post by Principal Ted Holop and the members of the Committee to Honor Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Mark Manley

The district motto from the late 1980’s “Xenia’s Schools, Xenia’s Pride” was alive and well on the night of April 16, 2012 as two of the finest teachers in the history of the Xenia Schools were awarded Pride Certificates, a tradition started by former Superintendent Bob Williams. Mr. Brent Manley (being honored on the occasion of his retirement), and Mr. Mark Manley were honored for their extraordinary achievements in choral music and theater education.

The Pride Certificates were awarded during the regular Board of Education meeting in the Xenia High School Auditorium. Choir Alumni organized a gathering of choir students representing the years of 1986-2011. This alumni effort came after over 100 alumni gathered to perform with the Misters’ Manley in December for the annual Community Holiday Concerts.

With Xenia pride on display, and choir alumni filling the room, it was my honor to introduce Mr. Brent Manley and the Xenia High School Vocal Ensemble for their performance and the Pride Certificate Ceremony. As a part of my introduction, I shared the following words:

Tonight is a very special night for Xenia High School and for the Xenia Community Schools.

For more than 23 years, the Xenia High School Choirs and the Xenia High School Vocal Ensemble have represented this school district and the entire Xenia community in countless performances in Xenia and across the Miami Valley. Recently, all four Xenia High School choirs were recognized with superior ratings at the O.M.E.A. district adjudicated event for the 23rd consecutive year. These choral music students are among the finest students at Xenia High School. The Choirs and the Vocal Ensemble demonstrate expert training and are renowned for their professional-quality performances.

As their current Director, Mr. Brent Manley has created an educational environment in which all students are challenged to achieve at the highest level, and his students always produce greatness. When I observe the choir students in Mr. Manley’s classroom and at their performances, I can easily see that they are learning important lessons that transcend high school, and that they are creating music for a lifetime.

Previous Director and current Assistant Director Mark Manley is fond of saying that all Xenia High School Choirs are Academic Choirs. Under his direction and instruction, these academic choirs have excelled in all of their endeavors.

Under the direction of Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Mark Manley, the Xenia High School Choirs have performed all across the Miami Valley and in the Columbus metropolitan area. They have performed at St. Matthews Cathedral and the United States Navy War Memorial in Washington D.C. The Vocal Ensemble has performed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Riverside Church, the Brick Presbyterian Church, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and the Church of the Holy Trinity in New York City. The choirs and the Vocal Ensemble are known for their community service with Senior Citizens and their annual free performances at the Community Holiday concerts.

Chris Smith (XHS Class of 2005) joined Dr. Deb Piotrowski in presenting the certificates. Superintendent Piotrowski introduced Mr. Brent and Mr. Mark’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Manley of Xenia.

The committee to honor Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Mark Manley included the following information in their nomination form:

On behalf of the citizens of the Xenia Community School District we proudly nominate Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Mark Manley for Pride Certificates to be awarded by the Xenia Schools.

We want to honor Mr. Brent and Mr. Mark for their years of service to the students and community of the Xenia Schools.  As extraordinary teachers and artists, these two men have taught thousands of students the joy of music, a love of the choral art, and the wonder and magic of live theater.

Mr. Brent Manley and Mr. Mark Manley are exemplary instructors. They have established a high standard of quality to which others aspire. They have motivated students to achieve astonishing goals and have demonstrated that Xenia students can achieve the highest standard.

The achievements of Mr. Brent and Mr. Mark (together with their students) place them on an elite list of the finest teachers in the history of the Xenia Schools.

They have distinguished themselves with numerous honors, outstanding and untiring service to the community, remarkable performances, and most of all, leaving peace, spreading light, sharing beauty, and inspiring magnificence with their students and for their audiences in Xenia, Dayton, Washington DC, and New York City.

Mr. Brent Manley is being honored (on the occasion of his retirement) for thirty years of teaching in the Hamilton City Schools and the Xenia Community Schools. In the Xenia Schools, Mr. Manley has served as music instructor at Warner Junior High, Tecumseh Elementary, Shawnee Elementary, and Xenia High School. He is an extraordinary and gifted pianist/accompanist, and has demonstrated that he is a master teacher by the splendid and highly recognized performances of his choirs, and through teaching piano to many students at XHS. Mr. Brent Manley is known for the sensitivity of his choral performances and his distinctive angelic choral sound. He has set an example of excellence in teaching and learning to which we all should aspire. At the recent OMEA event in March, his Vocal Ensemble was declared the finest choir of the event by one of the adjudicators. Mr. Manley is a Xenia High School graduate class of 1977.

Mr. Mark Manley is being recognized for twenty-six years of leadership with the vocal music/theater programs in the Xenia Community Schools. His choirs have been recognized for their superb vocal technique, sonorous blend, and thrilling, expressive, emotional performances. Mr. Manley has produced over 55 plays and musicals, and has consistently produced the finest choirs in Ohio. For a sustained period of twenty six years, Mr. Mark Manley has produced the quality, excellence and tradition which others said was impossible. His choirs have received over 45 superior ratings at district events and over 35 superior ratings at State events. Mr. Manley is a Xenia High School graduate class of 1980.

Our committee members hereby attest to the world-class, inspirational work of Mr. Bent Manley and Mr. Mark Manley. The names of our committee members (along with many others) demonstrate the range of lives that have been touched by the extraordinary work of Brent Manley and Mark Manley.

The Committee to Honor Brent Manley and Mark Manley

Chris Allen

Gary Allen

Kaitlyn Arnett

Nina Aukerman

Norm Aukerman

Douglas Beam

Bryan Brewer

Terance Bonner

Jennifer Burgess

Leah Carroll

Jaklyn Couser Cato

Chris Caudill

Betsy Crandall

Lauren Crandall Brill

Caleb Dicke

Dayle Easley McCord

Gene Foiles

Joshua Fossitt

Krystle Allen Gossett

Ted Holop

Jacob Hoover

Vicki Huff

Dr. Kevin Hurley

Kristen Hurley

Jon Hurst

Virginia Kay

Jim Lamb

Jason Mahan

Dr. Rick Mallonee

Janet Manley

Travis Matson

Kevin McColaugh

Robyn McGee

Patrick Miller

Alex Stewart Morris

Jeromy Morris

Rosemary Mullenix

Anima Mupier

Nella Mupier

David Payne

Telcie Smith Pincelli

Dr. Deb Piotrowski

Brandon Rice

Marnee Richardson

Christopher Roden

Gretchen Shapiro

Ian Shapiro

Rev. Tim Shaprio

Rebekah Skaroupka

Michael Stanley

Antyon Smith

Christopher Smith

Carol Smith

Dr. James A. Smith

Tisha Nolen Van Curen

Melissa Holly Visage

Liz Hunt Waligorski

Chadwick Warhola

Greg Warhola

Yvette Martin West

Bob Williams

Ann Williams

Rachel Worthington